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And Yeshua which means Salvation and is the name above all

And Yeshua which means Salvation and is the name above all


And Yeshua, which means Salvation, and is the name above all names.

In Hebrew Yeshua means “salvation.” This name … Jesus … indicates the Son's primary mission … that of Savior providing salvation for ALL mankind.

“This Yeshua is the stone rejected by you builders which has become the cornerstone. There is salvation in no one else! For there is no other name under ...

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Acts 4:12 Jesus Name above all Names KJV memory verses King James Bible scripture verse Valerie McDaris

In addition to Yahweh (YHVH), Yeshua and Jesus, what other names for God are in the Bible?

Let's Put Yah Back in Yeshua

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The title of this post may have caught a few people off guard; everyone knows that God has given Jesus the name above all other names and I wholeheartedly ...

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What Does Yeshua Mean?

The letter J is no more than 600 years old-Yeshua means salvation in Hebrew and that is His name

baptism; baptize; baptize sacred names; baptise in yeshua's name; is baptism important

All the Names of Jesus

Yahshua ha-Messiyah Name


yahshua the name above every name - Yahshua University: The Official, First-Hand, End Time Voice of Yahshua The True Messiah


messiah's name. Instead of ...

Friday, July 13, 2018. “

The Hebrew name of Yeshua imprinted by God on our right palms...the hand of blessing!

Did the Hebrew writers of the New Testament call Jesus YHWH (Jehovah)? – Chapter 10 – Yes, You Should Believe in the Trinity

Ancient Hebrew names often carried great significance. Sometimes a name related to one's ancestors. Sometimes a name referred to one's personality.

HaShem - The Name

Our 20 Favorite Songs about Jesus

We do not receive salvation because of works. Salvation certainly not connected to how we pronounce the Messiah's name. “For by grace you have been ...

Does the Old Testament Law Still Apply?

Ancient Hebrew Script for the name of Yeshua

Joel 2:32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the YAHUAH shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be ...

( II Corinthians ...

What Is the Meaning of the Name El Shaddai?

Many people, including some sincere Christians, are led to believe by their religious leaders that “Jesus” is the real name of the Savior.

Jesus means Salvation!

Three spellings of "Joshua" found in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible: (i) Yehoshua, (ii) Yehoshua, (iii) Yeshua

Greatest Of All - God's Power To Protect: Jesus Is The Wisdom & Power Of

6 Reasons Not To Use The Name Of Jesus

Yeshua, the name above all names. His name truly does mean 'salvation', which rings all too true to the scripture that tells us that salvation comes through ...


Who is Jesus? Was Jesus a real person? Why did Jesus die? Is

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יהושוע = YHWSWA (YaHuWShuWA), the true set apart name of the Creators son! — Warriors Of The Ruwach

Is the name 'Yeshua' written over a hundred times in the OT? | Revolution for Jesus


The name Jesus Is Yeshua in Hebrew which means salvation that is why Jesus is known

There are several spellings of this set apart name of the Messiah in scripture with the most prevalent being Yahusha:

Yeshua in Hebrew

What Is The Meaning Of Yahshua?

The Slave's Death: The Cost of Our Salvation–Podcast and Transcript

An Introduction to the Names Yehoshua/Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus and Yeshu – Jews for Jesus

What Does the Name Jesus Mean?

Names and titles of Jesus in the New Testament

"And I saw, and behold, the Lamb standing on the mount Zion, and with him a hundred forty-four thousand, having His name, and the name of his Father, ...

The KJV, Jesus, and Yeshua

Why was God's Unique Son Given the Name Above All Names?

Notice above the last underlined sentence admits that the shortened form Yehshua no longer expresses the "intent" of the name that "Yahuah is Salvation".

The objective basis and means of salvation is G_d's sovereign and gracious choice to be “G_d with us” in the person of Yeshua the Messiah, who is described ...

He Heals the Lame, by James Tissot

The name of the Father, Yahuah, is in the name of the tribe of Yahudah, from which the Messiah Yahusha was born and salvation came to man.

The English Name Jesus is an excellent transliteration of the Hebrew name Yeshua which means YAH is SALVATION

A name of God related to יהוה (YHVH) is the name יה (Yah), so shortened form of the unutterable name. This name of God appears 50 times in Tanakh as ...

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What Does Hosanna Mean and Why is it So Powerful?

As regular readers of this blog know, I see the Bible as a testimony of Yeshua, that is, a story of Yahweh's Salvation (Yeshua means Yahweh's Salvation).

In Italian the name "JE-SUS" is spelled "GESU", "Ge" means "earth" (G1093), so the meaning is: EARTH - PIG or SWINE!

Deeper REVELATION of Messiah's Name So many have asked the question . . . WHAT is in a NAME?

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Arrows from Zion 4/24/2019 The Name of Yeshua

The Heart of the Matter – Rav Shaul Shares his Heart's Desire! | Shalom Radio UK

The Name Above Every Name. “

4 Times You Should Use the Name of Jesus

As you can see, the name of Yeshua (Jesus) is encoded into the sentence which describes “the arm of Yahweh revealed.” But even more amazing is that the ...

Proving Jesus is God from Old Testament Scripture

“Christ” is not the last name of Jesus. “Christ” is translated from the Greek word Christos (khris-TOS), which means “anointed one” and comes from the ...

The purpose of ...

Sea of Galilee


Christianity developed new myths to replace Hebraic understanding of biblical practices and words. Meanings became rote memorization rather than conceptual ...

YaHshua or YaHWeH. HIS NAME


What Do 'Messiah' and 'Jesus Christ' Mean?