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Thane Krios by JLArt t

Thane Krios by JLArt t



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Thane Krios | Mass Effect | Dossier

squidward mass effect mass effect 2 Thane thane krios handsome squidward and people wonder why I didn't romance him wingiestbird •

Why I Couldn't Quite Romance Thane in “Mass Effect”

Thane Krios

Let's Play Mass Effect 2 - part 39 - Thane Krios

Full Name. Thane Krios

Thane Krios -Mass Effect HAHA!!! Love the GQ pose!

Mass Effect 2 - Thane Krios romance (complete)

Thane Krios ~Mass Effect 2 | Mass Effect | Mass effect romance, Mass effect thane, Mass effect universe

... Mass Effect - Thane Krios by Madec-Brice

Picture of Thane Krios - Mass Effect - Costume Build ...

Removing evil isn't the same as creating good. #masseffect #thane

VS | Garrus Vakarian vs Thane Krios

Mass Effect - Liara T'Soni & Thane Krios & Garrus Vakarian & Tali'Zorah

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Thane Krios

art sketches mass effect urdnot wrex garrus vakarian thane krios mordin solus liara t

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Thane Krios T-Shirt

The Problem and Joys of Thane from Mass Effect


ME: Thane by Alteya.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Hardest Decision Series: Thane Krios Wallpaper by razorblade456 ...

Mass Effect 3 - The Death of Thane Krios

I'll Meet You Across The Sea (Thane) Baby Onesy


Watch Almost Human GIF on Gfycat. Discover more garrus, garrus vakarian, gif,

Loving The Alien

Kai Leng and Thane Krios Fight [Mass Effect 3]

your ghost // thane krios

Mass Effect - Thane Krios Drell Assassin Chibi Sticker Classic T-Shirt

My October is insanely busy and I don't care for prompts, so I'll be drawing whatever / whenever I can for the month! #thanekrios #drell #masseffect ...

Thane Krios Quote T-shirt

Watch Almost Human GIF on Gfycat. Discover more garrus, garrus vakarian, gif,

Don't Think Of This As Mass Effect 3 "Fan Art"

A chance of starting this quest should present itself after completing Priority: Palaven main quest

Mass Effect 3 : Thane Krios' Death (Renegade Dialogue Options)

Mass Effect 2 Squad Unisex T-Shirt

Mass Effect: Thane Krios Coffee Mug

This is a battle I can't win, So similar, so strange. An assassin dark, A killer born. A father's regret,

Why Alien Boyfriends Are Better

Mass Effect, Thane Krios HD Wallpaper Desktop Background

Mass Effect -Thane Krios-FanFic (Life After The Reapers)

Thane with Olivia Shepard courtesy of JECW

I Sunk 40 Extra Hours Into Mass Effect 2 To Salvage My Relationship With Thane

Thane Krios' prayer in Mass Effect 2

Mass ...

N7 Keep - Thane Unisex T-Shirt

... сохраняет её.

Thane Krios/Female Shepard. drell female

Mass Effect space green video game characters comics midnight Thane Krios darkness screenshot 1920x1080 px computer

joker jack mass effect kaidan alenko Samara miranda lawson tali Grunt legion Ashley Williams garrus vakarian thane krios mordin solus james vega liara ...

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davy-b-jones: The Mass effect array of races : Thane Krios (Drell ) / Saren (Turian) / Aria T'loak (Asari ) / Mordin Solus (Salarian) / Tali vas Normandy ...

“The body wasn't as exhausting as the head. This is Matt Rhodes' attempt. You see, we still have some of the old heads on there, but Matt was trying to ...

Mass Effect 3 walkthrough part 50 - visiting Thane Krios at the Citadel Hospital

Thane Krios Portrait - Including Some detail shots of my favourite areas. I don't like rendering my pieces out, so even with more time-consuming portraits ...

Mass Effect - Thane Krios x Commander Shepard - Shrios

After agreeing to set off with Seryna, she and your party will get into a vehicle and head off to the towers that both your mark, Thane Krios, ...

Thane Krios

Mass Effect Shots


"The heart is a fragile thing" // In doing a Mass Effect revistation. "

Watercolor Mass Effect Poster Prints - Set of 8 (8x10) Wall Art Decor -

An awesome Thane Krios cosplay from Mass Effect 2. This one has fierce headgear too!

Another non-human member of Shepard's crew is the drell assassin Thane Krios. The drell are a reptilian-humanoid species that were rescued from their ...

Thane Krios

Hey look a Thane Krios post about deserts that doesn't want to make me tear my heart and then hunt for bioware people over the galaxy. 😂

mass effect samara legion aria t'loak the illusive man garrus vakarian tali zorah miranda

gaming edits jack mass effect kaidan alenko miranda lawson tali tali'zorah commander shepard Ashley

... Thane by Levionte ...

Liara is one of the most beloved – and powerful – characters, who was in each game in the original trilogy.

Watch Almost Human GIF on Gfycat. Discover more garrus, garrus vakarian, gif,

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weird *mine mass effect mass effect 3 thane krios meedits you know it just occurred

Mass Effect Thane

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Aria T'loak, played by Carrie-Anne Moss of all people.

... Mass Effect: Foundation #12 ...

Being Thane Krios seemed to have its benefits at this con. Not only did I have LOADS of people excitedly asking how I created my costume (don't worry fan ...

1/4 Scale Thane Statue

Thane - Dreaming Of A Cure Clock

Hilarious and cute XD #shepard #femshep #commandershepard #spectre #soldier #alliance